1. If the consumer requires a refund, they are directed by an order confirmation email to an auto populated online Refund Application Form (RAF) to complete which is accessible for up to 60 (sixty) days after the date of the event. Once the RAF is submitted, it is usually processed by our Customer Experience Team within 24 (twenty-four) hours and, once validated, the consumer will receive a direct refund from us in the original currency paid to their chosen bank account, with a reference to their name where possible.
  1. Refund application consumer requirements:
    • Confirm pre-populated booking details are correct;
    • Reason for refund;
    • Evidence (please see our online T&Cs for more detail which are available at; and
    • Chosen bank account.

Decision Rationale

  1. Customer Experience Executives will first assess whether an application falls within our wording and whether the applicant has provided the required evidence to support the application. If the answer is affirmative on both points, then the Customer Experience Executive will approve the application immediately, at which point it passes directly into the payment queue without requirement for further verification.
  1. Any refund application that does not meet the above two requirements is declined and automatically queued for a manager to review, prior to any communication to the consumer. Should the manager feel it is a clear decline, then they will be the one to communicate that to the consumer. If the manager remains unsure in any way on whether the application should be declined, then they can refer it to another manager, or if required escalate it to the Head of Customer Experience for ultimate decision.
  1. The Consumer Experience Fund is ring-fenced for the purpose of making discretionary decisions under the Emergency Circumstances reason, where refund applications don’t strictly fall into our wording, but feel like a fair reason to pay.
  1. Customer Experience Team Members should look at all times to apply common sense to assess whether it is reasonable to assume that the consumer has been genuinely inconvenienced by circumstances outside of their control and had a genuine intent to attend his booking. In doing so, efforts should be made with the intention of paying the refund, looking for reasons to do so rather than focusing on reasons not to refund.

Consumer Appeals

  1. Any consumer unhappy with the decision made in respect of such consumer’s refund, has the right to a further review which they can request by email. In those cases, an alternate manager is appointed. Finally, in the case of a complaint, for which there is a dedicated email address, a review and decision is carried out by the Head of Customer Experience and/or the Chief Commercial Officer.


  1. The payment or non-payment of any refund request is made within our sole and absolute discretion.