Refundable Bookings FAQ:

1. How do I request a refund?
Once you have made your payment, you will receive a booking confirmation email from us which contains an additional section about your Refundable Booking. Please click the link to the dedicated online application form and use your highlighted Reservation ID to open your refund application and complete. Alternatively, you can access the refund application form through our portal.

2. Who would process the refund request?
Our dedicated Refundable Customer Experience team will handle your refund application.

3. Are all my bookings refundable?
We provide all our customers with Refundable Terms so if you are unable to attend your booking due to unforeseen circumstances outside of your control you may be entitled to a refund – please see our full set of Refundable Terms and Conditions here.

4. Is there are duration within where my bookings would be eligible for a refund?
You may apply for a refund any time up to the time of your stay, please read the Terms and Conditions about timeframes for each listed unforeseen scenario included in the T&Cs. You may apply for a refund any time up to your stay and up to 60 days after your stay to submit your required evidence for the refund circumstance.

5. Are my addons & taxes in my booking also refundable?
Yes, you will receive a 100% refund including taxes and add-ons.

6. What is the duration for my refund request to be processed?
Once you have submitted your refund application, you will receive confirmation of receipt from the Customer Experience team and if approved, you should receive your refund within 72 hours directly to your chosen bank account. Please keep an eye out for any additional emails should the Customer Experience team require more information or have a question relating to your refund application.

7. How will I be notified of the status of my refund application?
Our dedicated Customer Experience team will notify you of the status and any updates relating to your refund application via email so please keep an eye out for their emails.

8. How do I contact for my refund-related queries?
You must proceed through the online Refund Application Form which will be provided to you once you have confirmed and made payment for your booking. Once you have submitted your application, the Customer Experience team will be in touch via email. Should you experience technical difficulties with the online Refund Application Form, you can submit your query to the Customer Experience team on the first page.

9. What should I do if my refund application has been rejected?
You will be advised on the recommended next steps by the Customer Experience team.

10. Is there a timeline for submitting the supporting document?
You may submit the first stage of the refund application form any time up to the booking and up to 60 days after your departure date to resume the application and upload your supporting evidence.

11. Can I re-apply for a refund if my refund application was rejected for supporting documents?
You may send any supporting documents following a rejected application and the Customer Experience team will re-open your application for reconsideration.

12. How will my refund be settled.
The refund will be paid to your chosen bank account directly.

13. Will there be any charges applicable for processing my refund request?
No, there will be no charges for processing your refund request.